About Us
Miss Muffin started off from humble beginnings in a Natal Midlands cottage styled kitchen process to where we currently stand.

Our Company

Miss Muffin started off from humble beginnings in a Natal Midlands cottage styled kitchen process to where we currently stand.

Our growth path over the past few years has been phenomenal and we attribute this to maintaining a healthy blend of producing a quality product, at a very competitive price all the while maintaining the personal business touch so often missing in today’s frenetic business environment.

Throughout our journey to date we have placed emphasis on ensuring only healthy ingredients are used in all products, whilst complying with stringent kitchen hygiene standards in an uncompromising process.

We attribute part of our success to date to ensuring happy, contented kitchen staff are well trained and looked after, which for us translates to a great product for you the customer.

We are not just a factory production line. We employ the latest technology available, using original homemade recipes throughout a family run enterprise.

Our Customers

Our customer base has evolved over the past few years. We started out servicing a niche market coffee shop, convenience store personalized service which created a great footing for our business in a localized environment.

Whilst this remains our core business function, we have negotiated contracts with catering companies, supplying schools, hospitals and larger business corporate kitchens.

Maintaining this business blend is crucial for us and we are fielding more calls from further afield in neighbouring provinces.

As stated above, we are a family owned business and we try not to forget our success has been based on keeping this in focus. Our packaging is smart but simple, which keeps us hugely cost competitive.


Localised Miss Muffin deliveries are done in house and we are busy negotiating cold chain supply partners in order to effect long distance deliveries-enabling us to reach the far flung hospitals, schools and catering kitchens.

For us at Miss Muffin it is critical for the product to be delivered in an unbroken cold chain supply environment – thus guaranteeing continuity in a quality product at point of sale. This is often easier said than done and the choice of supply chain partners will be critical to the continued success of Miss Muffin.


Like other food success stories the recipes of our successful range of products remain a tight family secret and have been developed by us over the years. Compromising on healthy ingredients is non-negotiable.

Product Range